Your needs

HP steam piping networks are in the critical path of the construction of large scale thermal power plants. Our clients require highly skilled partners capable of handling alloy steel materials such as P91 and
P92 :

  • Detailed design, calculation and materials assessment
  • Sourcing solutions
  • Hot induction bending and alloy steel welding procedures
  • Knowledge of construction codes: EN 13480 & ASME
Our added value

Boccard Power & Utilities controls every stage of your HP needs and offers tailored made solutions:

  • Project handling requiring specific piping dimensions due to process requirements (inside diameter and minimal thickness)
  • Tremendous record for supercritical power plants with high level of running conditions (up to 600°C – 230 bars)
  • Design To Build approach: our engineers design  solutions that meet site erection requirements
  • Sustainable equipment design. Operations & Maintenance requirements are taken into account at design stage
  • Compliance with PED Requirements and international construction codes
Our solutions

Boccard Power & Utilities is your partner of choice for the construction of your power plants:

  • Thermal power plants: coal, natural gas, diesel, waste-to-energy, cogeneration
  • Nuclear power plant: steam turbine island


Boccard Power & Utilities HP steam piping systems  offers an integrated organization to manage the supply chain of your HP projects:

  • Our in-house engineering department designs full HP networks from the boiler island to the steam turbine
  • Our purchasing department has the capacity to source alternative solutions for alloy steel pipe and support components
  • Our international piping spool workshops are qualified to manufacture alloy steel pipe spools
  • Our ability to mobilize our skilled labor forces in the fields
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.


Boccard Power & Utilities is constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions to improve the performance of your existing or new installations.


  • Our engineers use modern software for design and calculation: 3D PDMS, Autocad, CAESAR, Rhor II, Robot
  • BocTrack®: traceability tool from engineering to construction, including manufacturing
  • Module H – PED requirements

Success stories

  • Gas-fired cogeneration power plant
    ( Martigues - France )

    Rack interconnection and HP piping - Revamping 2 x 400 MW gas cogeneration units ; PED Manufacturer, detailed design, calculation, procurement, induction bending, manufacturing, supply of dynamic supports and pipe spools prefabrication, supply and erection of the interconnecting rack, alloy steels P91 & P22

    Gas-fired cogeneration power plant - Boccard
  • Gas-fired cogeneration power plant
    ( Dunkirk - France )

    HP piping lot for 2 x 400 MW units; detailed design, calculation, manufacturer as per PED, site erection, alloy steels P91 & P22

  • Supercritical coal thermal power plant
    ( Belchatow - Poland )

    HP piping for an 833 MW coal-fired supercritical power station; PED manufacturer, detailed design, calculation, procurement, induction bending, manufacturing, supply of dynamic supports and pipe spools prefabrication, alloy steels P91, WB36 & 16Mo3

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