Your needs

Competitiveness, performance and flexibility and full compliance with regulations


  • Efficient and productive installations complying with strict regulations and capable of being rapidly adapted to any changes in process and production.
  • Strict control of product traceability and quality and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Flexibility for easy, rapid integration and adaptation to any process or production changes on the hygiene market.
  • Respect for the environment and CSR standards by limiting energy and water consumption.


Our added value
  • “Time to market”: Thanks to our experience in domestic hygiene products (soaps, disinfectant, floor-washing products, surface cleaners) we can develop individualized process solutions that optimize project cycle times and guarantee the best possible “time to market”.
  • Expertise in blending, the essential stage in the process: With our raw-material blending and incorporating systems, you will be able to carry out the most delicate blending operations while guaranteeing the quality and integrity of finished products.
  • Certified project management: Proven project management and organization including a Project Quality Plan, construction reports incorporating traceability of materials, welding tests and acceptance protocols (FAT/SAT) as well as complete qualification documentation.


Our solutions

Boccard Health & Care provides you with global automated process solutions and equipment designed for units producing household hygiene products (soaps, disinfectant, floor-washing products, surface cleaners).


  • Modular skids
  • Storage tanks
  • Manufacturing tanks and mixers
  • Melters and buffer tanks
  • Cleaning stations 
  • Automation system processes


We control the different stages of your highly hygienic liquid and powder processes:

  • Storage
  • Automated transfer
  • Mixing / powders dispersion
  • Incorporation
  • Emulsion / Tank mix
  • In-line homogenization 
  • Pigging systems
  • Grinding
  • Screening
  • Cleaning and Sterilization in Place



Home care - process solutions
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.


Boccard Health & Care is constantly looking for specific and innovative solutions for your production tool:



We offer a range of services to help you upgrade your facilities:


  • Expertise & Auditing:
    • Performance audits, operational and energy efficiency
    • Revamping of existing facilities
    • Manufacturing skid transfers (from dismantling to start-up)
  • Optimization of performance:
    • Solutions to increase production tool reliability 
    • Facility diagnosis, modification and compliance (ATEX, ...)
    • Automation / supervision controls upgrade or total overhaul
    • Improved process equipment cleanability trough customized solutions
    • Staff training
  • Spare parts and Maintenance:
    • Component and facility troubleshooting and maintenance plan
    • Supply of spare parts



Success stories

  • Extension of production unit laboratories and revamping of the automation system
    ( France )

    The major advantage of Boccard is its turnkey solution. A single contact from beginning to the end of the project that is able to control all activities throughout the supply chain was very reassuring for the project management. Throughout the implementation phases human relationships greatly contributed to the success of this new project led by Boccard staff.

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