Your needs
Flexibility, productivity, performance and compliance with food safety standards:
  • Ensure productivity: optimized production costs and yields for better performance overall
  • Ensure process flexibility: being able to change process conditions without losing productivity
  • Guarantee health and safety: compliance with stringent food processing regulations 
Our added value
Boccard Food & Beverage controls every stage of your manufacturing process and offers tailored-made process solutions: 
  • Reduced time to market: faster availability of our plants guaranteed by our unique project management system, based on a Design to Build and Maintain approach 
  • Flexible and efficient plants: customized process design of your plants facilitates production changes without loss of efficiency
  • Process intelligence: dedicated & experienced food processing PLC engineers develop completely automated solutions taking into account traceability and production control. 
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations: benefiting from our broad experience in the sanitary facilities fields. We are founder members of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and we interact with the 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. committees.
Our solutions
Boccard Food & Beverage delivers complete automated solutions and equipment for pre-processing and production of ice creams, sorbets and desserts such as pancakes, fruit desserts, compotes and jam 
  • Modular skids 
  • Storage and mixing process tanks
  • Pilot equipment
  • Receipt and storage of raw materials
  • Preparation of mixtures
  • Heat exchanges
  • Freezing
  • Inclusion
  • Homogenization of the mix
  • Coating
  • Control and supervision
  • Centralized management & revenue management
  • Traceability


Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
Boccard Food & Beverage develops innovative solutions to improve the performance of your ice cream and dessert processing plants:
  • Clean and ultra-clean mixing tanks
  • Degassing: the degassing skid, controlled vacuum
  • DryConnect: compact and hygienic solution to prevent moisture penetration
  • BocLock: the connection to secure your transfer operations
  • OptiLines +: smart piping pigging to optimize your fluid transfers
  • OptiBox: cleaning (CIP) under control
  • TrackAdvance: the traceability software 
For your existing or new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:
  • Plant repair and maintenance 
  • Production system reliability
  • Plant troubleshooting and modification
  • Process optimization 
  • Staff training

Success stories

  • Ice cream plant
    ( France )

    Design according to PMO US standard, supply and commissioning of a fully automated MIX pasteurizer for ice creams. Studies, skid manufacturing and supervision for an aroma injection module in Boccard’s workshops.

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