LafargeHolcim awards the mechanical construction of its cement plant to Boccard
LafargeHolcim awards the mechanical construction of its cement plant to Boccard

LafargeHolcim launches second phase of works at the cement plant of Martres Tolosane, South of France

In accordance to its willingness to favor local, French and European companies, LafargeHolcim awarded this second batch of construction and assembly of mechanical equipment to the French company Boccard with its headquarter in Villeurbanne (France).

In July 2017, LafargeHolcim announced a major investment of more than 100 million euros in Martres-Tolosane to equip the plant with a new clinker production line, major component of cement. This is the largest investment of the Group in France for 40 years; it is part of a global investment plan of 300 million euros throughout the territory announced in 2016.


Several tens of millions euros for this second phase of work

After site preparation and civil engineering phases provided by local companies, LafargeHolcim is now entering the mechanical construction phase.

This second package represents an investment of several tens of millions euros with a scope of 2700 tons of metal frame as well as nearly 4000 tons of assembly of equipment and mechanical materials. The construction site will mobilize up to 110 people for the duration of the work.

The schedule is respected with commissioning of the planned installation by autumn 2020.

The next work packages award will take place in the coming months, in the context of separate calls for tenders. Regarding Social and Environmental Responsibility, the evaluation of pre-selected companies is conducted with the help of Vigeo Eiris, an independent agency specialized in Social and Environmental Responsibility rating and audits.



A new production line with the latest technologies in environmental matters

Once completed, the work will allow the site to increase its productivity while reducing its environmental impact. The cement plant will be equipped with the latest environmental technologies, particularly for recycling and recovering waste that will be used as fuel. The work will enable the cement plant to reduce its energy consumption, reduce its CO2 footprint, and upgrade alternative fuels such as waste tires sorted by partners in the greater Southwest. Thus, the plant will use 75% of alternative fuels by 2020 against 30% today.

The Martres-Tolosane cement plant currently employs 110 people and works with many companies in the Occitanie region, particularly thirty permanent subcontractors. The plant contributes to hundreds of projects on the territory every year, among which, in Toulouse, the exhibition center, the remblas and soon the third metro line and the Montabiau tower.

Didier Michel, Director of the modernization project for the Martres Tolosane cement plant: «The project to modernize the Martres Tolosane plant is progressing according to schedule. With the award of this second package, we will now see the plant come out of the ground. Boccard is a French company that we know well and that met all our specifications ».

Joël Chappellaz, Director of Development for Steel, Mining & Cement Markets: "Boccard is very pleased to contribute to the modernization plan of the Martres Tolosane cement plant and supports this achievement thanks to its operational excellence in project management, as well as its commitments in terms of safety, quality and social and environmental responsibility ".



About LafargeHolcim in France

LafargeHolcim operates in four business segments: cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete and products and solutions, such as precast concrete, asphalt and mortars. With its broad range portfolio, the Group offers solutions to the most difficult challenges faced by masons, builders, architects and engineers, from urbanization to population growth and the demand for affordable housing. LafargeHolcim holds leading positions in all regions of the world. The Group employs approximately 80,000 people in 80 countries with a balanced business portfolio between mature and emerging markets.

LafargeHolcim has nearly 4,500 employees over 400 sites in France and develops innovative solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable construction and circular economy. The company is also strongly involved in controlling its environmental impacts: ISO certifications - Unicem's CSR Charter - commitments for biodiversity SNB (Stratégie National pour la Biodiversité).

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LafargeHolcim  France in figures

4 500 employees in more than 400 industrial sites in France.

Cement (No. 1 in France): 20 industrial sites (8 cement plants, 1 lime plant, 7 mills, 4 warehouses).

Aggregates (No. 3 in France): 150 industrial sites (quarries, ports and warehouses).

Concretes (No. 1 in France): 250 concrete batching plants

R&D: first research center in the world dedicated to building materials at Isle d'Abeau (Isère) and 1 test laboratory for France.