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Competitiveness, productivity and product quality

  • Maximize productivity enabling them to amortize their investment as quickly as possible;
  • Minimize production costs and maintenance
  • Ensure a high-quality final product.
Our added value

Meura, a Boccard subsidiary, designs, manufactures and sells malt extract equipment and solutions with high added value. 


  • Innovation: with our active Research & Development pilot plant and our malt extract experts, we can find the best technological solution.
  • Exceptional performance & quality: maximized yield, brightness, productivity and wort quality.
  • Maintenance services: we accompany you after your projects we offer a full range of expert after-sales services
Our solutions

Meura, a Boccard subsidiary, designs, manufactures and sells equipment and global solutions with high added value for processing liquid and solid malt extract used for beer production and for a variety of purposes in the food & beverage industry or in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Malt extract production plants from several cereals such as oats, rye, barley, wheat, malt or roasted malt or from a cereal mix with rice, sorghum, millet, corn, etc. The malt extract production plant consists of a mash conversion vessel Meura 2001 mash filter, the only technology giving extracts of up to 30°P before evaporation, and heavy and weak wort vessels.
  • First step; the milling process: to guarantee 100% extraction yield and the clearest possible wort, the malt must be milled very finely. Meura offers two solutions: Classicmill, ventilated hammer mill with horizontal shaft and Hydromill to finely grind cereals under water.
  • Second step; the brewing process: mashing-in (Mechamasher, Aflosjet), filtration (Meura 2001 mash filter)
  • Final step: concentration
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specifically designed:
• to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
• to improve your system productivity & availability
• to minimize your environmental footprint


Meura, is constantly looking for new answers and innovative solutions for the malt extract industry to improve the performance of your facilities and the quality of your finished products:



For your existing or new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:


Meura Technologies & Services team provide after-sales service and integrate technological consulting and technical maintenance adapted to each customer's specific needs.

  • Spare part supply
  • Technological consulting: performance and optimization audits, technological training
  • Technical maintenance: periodical review of facilities, assistance for wear part replacement and spare parts 
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): tailor-made package of services

Success stories

  • Malt extract from sorghum
    ( Nigeria )

    For their new malt extract factory, Nestlé Nigeria PLC turned to MEURA, by far the market leader in the extraction process for the production of grain extracts. The new factory, located in Agbara, includes Meura's leading-edge technologies, such as a Classicmill, a Mechamasher, a cereal cooker with mash cooler, mash tuns and above all a Meura 2001 hybrid mash filter.(source: MeuraNews 2013)

  • Production of malt extract Kvass
    ( Russia )

    "We knew that MEURA is a world leader in the production of malt extracts. We consider MEURA to have the highest level of expertise in this area. It was known that MEURA2001 would give us the main target - a maximum wort density.The collaboration with Meura technologies went very well. Most importantly, even during the tests, we became friends. The project was complex and unusual and as a turnkey supplier, Meura showed their professionalism.” Read full article

    A. B. Coca Cola Technical Director RUB
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