Mixing 16
Boccard, major partner of the "Mixing 16" conference!

Boccard has the honor of being a sponsor of the 16th European Mixing Conference, organized from September 9th to 12th 2018 in Toulouse. This event, which takes place every 3 years, attracts many industrials and students from around the world, to discuss the progress of the mixing and agitation industry.


To respond in the best way to the expectations of the mixing environment, our specialists offer agitated process tanks and custom storage tanks, to meet the needs of each customer. Boccard offers customized pressure vessels and stirrers, used for many applications and tailored to your specifications. Boccard designs and manufactures all types of high-tech tanks and agitators.


Our family-owned company has decided to partner with the Mixing 16 conference because we are sensitive and eager to meet the new challenges of mixing.


We will be delighted to present you all our know-how during this meeting!