Your needs
Flexibility, performance and compliance with food safety standards
  • Process flexibility: process designed to enable considerable production flexibility without losing productivity
  • Optimized performance: optimization of design to production costs including solutions for reduced energy and material consumption.
  • Hygiene and safety: compliance with stringent food safety regulations throughout the world, traceability and Clean-In-Place solutions
Boccard Process solutions
Our added value

Boccard Food & Beverage controls every stage of your manufacturing process and offers smart, aseptic and hygienic process solutions designed to order for non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers:


  • Productivity and automation: by reducing the number of steps, mainly by processing your products directly in line, our plants enable you to gain productivity time and lower space requirements
  • Reduced time to market: all our activities are integrated and our Design-to-Build solutions guarantee faster project implementation
  • Flexibility: we design our production units to facilitate production changes without loss of efficiency.
  • Ultra-clean process expertise: as experts in the design and production of aseptic and safe food processing plants, we capitalize on our feedback to offer you alternative solutions to the conventional process layout, guaranteeing hygiene and traceability perfectly matching your needs
Our solutions
Boccard Food & Beverage delivers complete automated solutions and specific equipment for the production of non-alcoholic beverages:fruit juice or natural vegetables, with or without pulp, juice-based beverages, concentrates, fruit sugar, concentrate-based reconstituted beverages, nectars, spring water/mineral water/flavored water, isotonic, energizing beverages, sodas, soft drinks and other sparkling carbonated beverages, sensitive and aseptic beverages, syrups etc.
  • Modular skids
  • Storage tanks 
  • Preparation and mixing tanks, 
  • Sugar kettles, 
  • Heat treatment, 
  • Pasteurization, 
  • Fluid transfers, 
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP), 
  • In-line mixing, 
  • Carbonation, 
  • Centralized management & revenue management
  • Traceability
Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
Boccard Food & Beverage food processing and PLC specialist engineers are constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions for your beverage processes in order to improve the performance of your facility and the quality of your finished products:
  • Clean and ultra-clean stainless steel tanks
  • Cleaning in place
  • Optilines+: pigging system
  • Flash pasteurization
  • Incorporation of powders and ingredients
For your existing or new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:
  • Plant repair and maintenance 
  • Production system reliability
  • Plant troubleshooting and modification
  • Process optimization 
  • Staff training

Success stories

  • Complete concentrated fruit juice unit
    ( France )

    Our teams have designed, manufactured and installed a complete concentrated fruit juice processing and bottling unit for a manufacturer in the south of France. This service specifically included preparing the juice, setting up a flash pasteurization system, bottling and cleaning in place system and revamping the preparation workshop. 

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