Your needs
Increase the service life of BNIs (Basic Nuclear Installations) or ICPEs (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment), reduce risks to a strict minimum and reduce overall costs:
  • Control maintenance costs for safe, reliable, sustainable and profitable efficiency
  • Count on our responsiveness and proactiveness
  • Optimized intervention time and limited shutdowns
  • Improved operational safety: limited risks & enhanced safety
  • Increased reactor availability & reliability
Our added value

Boccard Nuclear Maintenance ensures and contributes to the success of your investment:

  • Responsiveness & reliability to ensure that your production tool is always able to perform to the best of its ability, and optimize the safety of your energy
  • Multi-skill expertise: Our experienced response team boasts a wide range of skills
  • Your single point of contact; present nationally and locally for greater flexibility
  • A proactive approach to innovation: our welding experts identify and examine your problems, developing innovative solutions to help you to save your budget
  • Application of lightweight methods
  • Centralized engineering department for radiation protection and knowledge of standards related to the nuclear industry
  • Reduced risk at the interface between activities
  • Carrying out major shutdowns
  • Boccard's own methodology and resources
  • Adapting to clients' methods 


Our solutions
Boccard Nuclear Maintenance performs maintenance, secures and improves its clients' investments and the performance of the facilities.
  • Expertise and advice: integrated maintenance engineering, appropriate methods made more reliable with each contract - feasibility studies & technical assistance
  • Development of a maintenance policy upstream of the design phase• Standardized internal processes in order to control and optimize the progress of your project, its costs and scheduling
  • Maintenance services: including assistance and analysis of anomalies, maintenance and servicing, inspection and periodic requalification of piping, during unit shutdowns and on units in operation
  • Piping maintenance, supports, anchors, check valves, pumps, and valves to support your fluid networks
  • Supply of highly technical parts
  • Design and installation of piping systems and equipment for optimizing and upgrading nuclear facilities
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability
  • to minimize your environmental footprint


Boccard Nuclear Maintenance is constantly looking for specific, innovative solutions to improve the performance of your installations.
Our teams can assist you with special services:
  • Centralized department
  • Maintenance engineering (studies, calculations, methods, safety, quality)
  • Definition and/or optimization of the maintenance program
  • Optimization of the production tool
  • Diagnosis and modifications to facilities
  • Process optimization
  • Staff training
  • Technical specifications and equipment purchase
  • Support for commissioning


Boccard nuclear commitment

Success stories

Boccard INB project CEA
  • Maintenance and inspections for CNPE nuclear plants – Throughout France
    ( France )

    Maintenance and inspections of primary and secondary piping, regulatory inspections of pressurized equipment, opening and closing of steam generators, welding maintenance on the CPP and CSP, Non-destructive expertise and inspection

  • Design, fabrication and assembly of piping
    ( La Hague - France )

    Design and replacement of piping networks

  • Boccard INB project CEA
    Piping maintenance for BNIs
    ( Valduc - France )

    Piping maintenance and orbital welding

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