Your needs

Efficient, productive and robust tools in compliance with stringent regulations:

  • Compliance with a stingent regulatory environment (WMA, GMP etc)
  • Strict control of product traceability and quality
  • Solutions for documentation and qualification
  • Flexibility to integrate and adapt to process and production changes easily and quickly
Our added value
Boccard Health & Care offers intelligent process solutions for the pharmaceutical  industry meeting  stringent regulatory requirements and specific needs for flexibility and performance:
  • Expertise in managing custom-designed projects: capitalizing on our experience feedback  to design customized solutions and equipment including technology transfer
  • Integrated and experienced qualification team: our qualification department is fully integrated. We supply a unique system of e-qualification for accelerated paperless records. Achievements comply with the most stringent regulatory requirements around the world: cGMP, EU GMP, GAMP.
  • Intelligence process: open systems designed by our automation expert team, well experienced with pharmaceutical imperatives, including the capitalization of FAT / SAT tests. Your teams are involved in the design and ergonomics of the control system and the training of our platform simulations.
Our solutions
Boccard Health & Care specializes in global turnkey process solutions and provides specific equipment for the production of syrups and drinkable liquid forms, gels and creams: ointments, suppositories and eye drops.
  • Pefabricated modular independent skids pretested in our workshops
  • Process and mixing tanks
  • Bioreactors, 
  • Biofermenters
  • Pilot equipment
  • Dosing
  • Mixing 
  • Filtration 
  • Filling
  • Cleaning
  • Sterilization
Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
Boccard Health & Care develops innovative tools for production optimization, which offer many advantages: improving the cleaning parameters, reducing material waste and energy consumption, and ensuring a clear monitoring of the operation of your facilities.
For your existing or your new installations, our teams can assist you with special services:
  • Facility troubleshooting and preventive or curative maintenance 
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Production tool reliability: on-site control of the criticality of your equipment 
  • Facility diagnosis and modification, regulatory compliance setting, revamping
  • Process optimization: performance audits, operational and energy efficiency
  • Staff training

Success stories

  • Liquid form production line
    ( France )

    Design, manufacturing and erection of a liquid form production line including storage and process tanks with mixing, CIP skid and automation system

  • Syrup production workshop
    ( Algeria )

    Design, manufacturing and commissioning of a syrup workshop including tanks, CIP station, bridging tables and automation

  • Pharmaceutical cream production facility
    ( Canada )

    Design, manufacturing and commissioning of pharmaceutical creams production facilities including skids and utility CIP skids, 

  • Complete liquid production facility
    ( Poland )

    Design, manufacturing and qualification of a complete automated liquid production facility including 3 workshops: syrup/suspension production workshop, suppository production workshop and cream/ointment production workshop

  • Eye drop workshop
    ( Latin America )

    Design, manufacturing and commissioning of an eye drop production workshop including production, storage and distribution of purified water and manufacturing workshop

  • Animal health product manufacturing unit
    ( France )

    Design, manufacturing and installation of an animal health product production and distribution unit including process tank with mixing and double jacket, big bag system for powder introduction with recirculation, CIP skid, automation with ATEX. Turn-key pilot skid.

  • Several oral liquid form production units
    ( France )

    Design, manufacturing and commissioning of several oral liquid form production units including workshops for alcoholic product, suspension products workshop and macerated product workshop

  • Complete automated syrup production workshop
    ( Pakistan )

    Design, manufacturing and commissioning of a complete syrup workshop with sugar syrup production tanks, storage and transfer, preparation workshop with CIP skid, storage tanks area, ATEX area and automation

    M. B. Manager Engineering Liquids, Sanofi Pakistan
  • Pharmaceutical liquid plant
    ( Saudi Arabia )

    Complete pharmaceutical liquid plant including raw material storage, production workshop (syrups, solutions, and suspensions), semi-finished product storage, CIP station. Additionally various piping works for purified water loop, water preparation for injectables, CIP and  process piping.

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