Your needs

Reliable, responsive, compliant with food safety standards

  • Flexible: systems which can be integrated and adapted to process requirements.
  • Responsive: supporting the client throughout the project, while observing demands related to production, to increasingly tighter deadlines.
  • Compliant with regulations and hygienic standards
Our added value

Our boiler making specialists design and produce tailor-made tanks & vessels in our factories in France, Belgium and Argentina.

  • Reduction of time to market: integration of all activities to provide you with global solutions for a faster market launch.
  • Innovation: aware of your concerns, our specialist engineers are always on the lookout for solutions to guarantee maximum productivity and profitability from your systems.
  • Business expertise: solutions to order, management of heat exchange areas, design and production of our own mixing systems. Boccard can work with you on any type of stainless steel vessel, customized to your markets.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations: fully aware of surface finish criticality our staff will also take particular care to guarantee the absence of retention zones, so that our tanks and stirrers are easy to clean and totally sterile. 
Our solutions
Boccard Process Vessels is your Tank & Vessel technologies expert. 
Process and mixing vessels (with or without heat exchange) 
Technical solutions for pressure vessels for sterile applications, bioreactors, biofermenters, pre tanks, melters and mixers according to your specifications. Our stirring system experts offer a wide range, providing mixing, dispersion, emulsifying, incorporation, pigging and homogenization features.
With over 40 years of experience, our engineers define optimal solutions for heat exchange areas, sizing of double envelopes and half-shells to maintain the temperature, heating and cooling of your products. 
Cleaning-in-place systems (CIP) are positioned according to the geometry of the tanks and of the mixing system (compliant with EHEDG, 3A recommendations) in order to guarantee the most efficient cleaning of the tank.
Storage vessels (with or without stirring) 
Double envelope insulated, on legs, on skirt or concrete basement which can be fitted with a tilting or wall-mounted mixing system, up to 200 m3. 
High capacity vessels and reservoirs (up to 15.000 m3) 
Boccard is an international force in the construction of high capacity vessels and reservoirs, in stainless steel, duplex and carbon steel up to 15 000 m3 with diameters extending to 45 meters. These large vessels are designed for all types of application: oil depots, port tank farm, fluid storage, chemical plants, biogas plants, storers, fermenters.
Our products & services

Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:

  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability
  • to minimize your environmental footprint

For your existing or new facilities, our teams can assist you with special services:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Production system reliability
  • Troubleshooting and modification
  • Processes optimization
  • Staff training
Tanks & Vessels - Boccard Management System

Success stories

DANONE - Success Stories Boccard
Chobani - Success Stories Boccard
Dior - Success Stories Boccard
LFB - Success Stories Boccard
  • Tank design & manufacturing for a champagne plant
    ( France )

    Champagne Laurent Perrier has been a trusting customer of Boccard Process Vessels for many years. Our teams have designed, manufactured and installed 110  wine tanks with or without mixing from 375 hl to 1500 hl and 3000 hl erected in situ.

    Tank design & manufacturing for a champagne plant - Boccard
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel tanks for a wine plant
    ( France )

    Guigal wines has been a trusting customer of Boccard Process Vessels for many years. Our teams have designed, manufactured and installed 96 stainless steel wine-making tanks ranging from 50 hl to 750 hl including stainless steel catwalks and stairways.

    Design, manufacturing and installation of stainless steel tanks for a wine plant - Boccard
  • DANONE - Success Stories Boccard
    Turbo-mixer construction for a yogurt facility
    ( France )

    Boccard Process Vessels successfully took up a technological challenge by constructing a turbo-mixer for Danone, in which the perfectly balanced stirrer rotates at a speed of 1.500 rpm, dissolving 500 kg of powder in 1500 L of cold liquid in a few seconds! The unit started and reached the required performance level from the very first tests.

  • Chobani - Success Stories Boccard
    Design and construction of silos and modules for a Greek yogurt plant
    ( USA )

    Chobani, maker of the #1 selling Greek yogurt in the U.S., chose Boccard to build the world’s largest yogurt plant, elected "Food Plant of the Year". Boccard designed and supplied 230 modules and Boccard Process Vessels 12 silos, each with a capacity of 765 m³. Boccard and Boccard Process Vessels carried out the installation on site, the complete automation system and commissioned the plant.

  • Dior - Success Stories Boccard
    Tank construction for a perfume plant
    ( France )

    During the four years of compliance work on our perfume chain, with no production shutdown, Boccard and Boccard Process Vessels proved that they were up to the task and fully met our requirements

  • LFB - Success Stories Boccard
    Construction of a Biotechnologies plant
    ( Latina America )

    We chose Boccard Process Vessels for our Biotechnology plant in Brazil because we wanted an industrial integrator that was able to deliver a turnkey facility and provide us with a performance guarantee.We were impressed with all their expertise in the disciplines in question, particularly in the boilermaking sector.As a company that works with plasma derivatives, we have extremely exacting requirements.

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