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Experience, good price-quality ratio, responsiveness :
  • Price-quality ratio : reliable & good looking storage and process tanks, quality manufacture 
  • Staff responsiveness
  • Project monitoring
Boccard Process Solutions
Our added value
Boccard Tanks & Vessels offers storage solutions designed to order for wine and spirits producers: 
  • Good price/quality ratio : the reputation and experience of our tanks and vessel production in winemaking dates back to the 1970s
  • Our tanks are designed to order with attractive technical and functional solutions appropriate to your requirements 
  • Continuous project monitoring from the order to commissioning by dedicated specialist project leaders
Our solutions
Our Tank & Vessel specialists design to order and build your wine and spirits storage and process tanks:
  • Storage (tanks without coils or mixing)
  • Wine-making (tanks with coils for maintaining at temperature)
  • Assembly (tanks with mixing)
  • Stabilization or cold treatment (tanks with mixing, temperature reducing and insulating coils)
  • Drawing (tanks with or without mixing)
  • Multi-compartment (2 to 4 compartments, capacity from 50 hl to 1100 hl)
  • Installed on a concrete slab, frame, legs or on a skirt
  • With standard base, flat base, conical centered base, conical eccentric base, convex base, "spoon" base geometry
  • With volumes from 50 hl to 2500 hl, workshop construction
  • With volumes from 2500 hl to 10000 hl, construction on site
Our products & services
Our "Products & Services" are specially designed:
  • to reduce your OPEX (existing or new facilities)
  • to improve your system productivity & availability,
  • to minimize your environmental footprint.
For your existing or new installations, our teams have been developing special tank technologies for the wine-making industries for years:
  • White wine-making with a low slope flat base, with oval autoclave door
  • Red wine-making with a low slope flat base, with a door flush with the bottom, opening outwards
  • Red wine-making with a sharply sloping "spoon" base, for gravity emptying with a door flush with the bottom, opening outwards
  • Red wine-making with a mechanized starter for emptying through the door flush with the bottom, opening outwards

Success stories

  • Wine production plant
    ( Morocco )

    Wine storage tanks and vessels.Boccard Process Vessels delivered a 82 000 hl storage solution including 10 000 hl wine storage tanks which represent a very large volume for the wine sector.

    Wine production plant Boccard
  • Alcohol plant
    ( La Martinique )

    Alcohol storage, tanks & vessels.Boccard Process Vessels delivered a 120 000 hl alcohol storage solution with tanks of small, medium and large size manufactured in the workshop as well as on site.

    Alcohol plant Boccard
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